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A Little Bit About Us

Lyons Property Mentoring is first and foremost an education platform. Providing enlightenment around both property investing and personal mindset; with the mission of giving as many people as possible that ‘light bulb moment’ and show you that a life of abundance IS absolutely possible!

  • There was a need for people to be taught about investing, by an active investor, that covers not just where and how to buy property, but how to get through life as an investor.
  • We become partners on your personal journey to achieving your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Find everything you need to know presented in easy to understand, weekly online trainings for you to access at your own convenience; giving you the complete education needed to start living life on your terms!
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What Else Do We Offer?

In addition to The Training Ring, Lyons Property Mentoring offers many other products and services to best help you on your investing journey – From Gennavieve’s free Book Club to 1 on 1 Mentoring for the truly fierce!

Because our main focus is seeing you succeed and grow your own portfolio, we are always expanding our training and product range to best serve your needs.

With several new and exciting products already in the works, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest information and release dates!

Personal One-On-One Mentoring from Gennavieve herself! Amplified Results Above and Beyond what you thought Possible!
Everything you need to become a successful Property Investor. Thousands in Coaching and Training for just a few dollars a day!
Your 5 Step process to shift your way of thinking and unlock your inner investor!
Join the Spiritual & Intellectual Journey that is Gennavieve’s Book Club! Join the Discussion with our Online Readers Club.

Gennavieve Is Passionate About Seeing YOU Succeed!

  • Gennavieve’s main passion has always been property and investing. However, like many of you, she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth
  • She worked three jobs to buy her first house at just 18
  • By 21, Gennavieve had properties in 3 countries
  • At only 25, she achieved that magical moment of retiring from the workforce to live off her investments
  • As an active Australian & International property investor, Gennavieve spends her time travelling the world, predominantly split between Australia & America ‘flipping properties’
  • It is Gennavieve’s thirst for learning & watching others achieve that ‘light bulb’ moment that lead her to this point & the creation of Lyons Property Mentoring
  • While acquiring her property portfolio, Gennavieve became a sought after mentor & educator around all things property & lifestyle creation
  • For those in search of success, Gennavieve is always more than happy to share her journey with you in the hope of bringing some inspiration to your life
“Gennavieve is a professional and dedicated business women who achieves the highest possible results every time. She is well organised, hard-working and will ensure that you will get the best results with your property. I have known her for short period of time, but her expertise and knowledge she shared with me was invaluable.”

Elio, Perth, Australia
“What sets Gennavieve apart from the rest is her innate ability to communicate her knowledge to her clients. She connects on a human level, she is trustworthy, and she understands the intricacies of your personal situation. Your successes are hers too.”
Scott, Melbourne, Australia
“You have written questions in your articles which helps in identifying what exactly I am looking for – questions that helped me in searching, identifying & understanding my life’s objectives which sometimes, I feel, gets direction less. Thanks a lot, keep writing and do share.”
Neeraj, Perth, Australia
“You look way too young to be so successful – kudos to you for your obvious success and forward thinking.”
Sue, Pakenham South, Australia
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