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Lyons Property Mentoring is first and foremost an education platform. Providing enlightenment around both property investing and personal mindset; with the mission of giving as many people as possible that ‘light bulb moment’ and show you that a life of abundance IS absolutely possible!

Lyons Property Mentoring was born out of frustration with the second-rate advice and fragmented service Gennavieve encountered when looking for professional help to manage and grow wealth. Many advisers are uneducated and clearly product-focused, rather than CLIENT-FOCUSED.

If you, like Gennavieve, know what you want to achieve and are super passionate about the big goals you’ve set for yourself, but can’t seem to find the right people to assist you on your journey, it’s time to EDUCATE YOURSELF!

After having ‘experts’ literally laugh in her face, Gennavieve has gone on to achieve EVERYTHING she was told she couldn’t, and now understands that their negative responses were due to the fact that they simply weren’t educated enough to know any better… and are no doubt still in their full time jobs…

There is a massive lack of unbiased, well-rounded education available to the everyday Australian, which as a result gives people the impression that investing is difficult or out of reach. There was a need for people to be TAUGHT ABOUT INVESTING, BY AN ACTIVE INVESTOR, that covers not just where and how to buy property, but how to get through life as an investor- how to train your mindset to handle the ups and downs and live a life most people can’t get their head around because they are taught to be a slave to the system.

We’re proud to say that today, we have created just that with Lyons Property Mentoring’s Training Ring! We become partners on your personal journey to ACHIEVING YOUR FINANCIAL AND LIFESTYLE GOALS, with everything you need to know presented in easy to understand, weekly online trainings for you to access at your own convenience; giving you the complete education needed to start living life on YOUR TERMS!

When you subscribe to this exclusive members’ area, in addition to the weekly training you get FREE access to The Lyons Den, our investor community hangout, where all of our members get to share their stories, ask questions and support, celebrate and motivate each other.

Because we are client focused, being a member means you also have the privilege of REQUESTING TOPICS to be covered in the weekly trainings! So if there is something you want clarification on, we will do our best to incorporate that into your training! No seminar or DVD is going to give you that level of personalised service!

If you’re reading this – Lack of education is no longer an excuse. See you in the Training Ring!

Genna Lyons

Meet The Founder: Gennavieve Lyons

Despite being quite the traveller and adrenaline junkie, Gennavieve’s main passion has always been property and investing. She however, like many of you, was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She did not attend a private school or go on annual summer holidays, but instead lived in a tin shed with her family in rural Queensland, where bookcases cleverly doubled as bedroom walls and her parents were barely home because they each worked two jobs at any given time to keep them afloat.

Unfortunately the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; hard work was part of her nature from a very young age. By 10 years old, Gennavieve was picking lavender from their garden and selling it outside the local shop. After graduating high school, she worked three jobs, sometimes all in the same day, seven days a week, until buying her first house at 18. By 21, Gennavieve had properties in 3 countries, and at just 25, she achieved that magical moment of retiring from the workforce to live off her investments, and the rest is history!

Rewinding to a time before living life on her terms, Gennavieve studied like her life depended on it, and now holds several qualifications, including Certificates in Business, Management, Life Coaching and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, which she put to good use as a News Reader with several Queensland radio stations before moving to Perth.

Despite loving life in radio, at the end of the day it was still a job she was required to attend, day in day out, and (as you will come to learn) the thought of that has never sat right with her – her job was restricting her time and financial ability to give back to the world.

Upon moving to Perth, she made the conscious decision to step away from Journalism. Instead, spending almost every dollar and waking hour gaining a solid financial education and reigniting her love for property.
Now, as an active Australian & International property investor, Gennavieve spends her time travelling the world, which is predominantly split between Australia and America, where ‘flipping properties’ is her latest venture, giving her the freedom she was after to help and educate others to live a life on their terms as well.

It is Gennavieve’s thirst for learning and watching others achieve that ‘light bulb’ moment that lead her to this point and the creation of Lyons Property Mentoring. With clients and subscribers coming from all walks of life, with amazing stories, knowledge and experience.

By personally owning real estate in several countries, Gennavieve can safely say that if you live in Australia and getting ahead financially is something that interests you, this country presents you with the best and safest property opportunities on the planet. She has always been very active (or ‘fierce’ as we call it at LPM) with wealth building strategies and because of that, over the years, she was able to acquire wealth through a diverse property portfolio in her early 20’s, while developing a reputation as an educator around all things property and lifestyle creation.

For those who are looking to gain something extra from their lives, Gennavieve is always more than happy to share her journey with you in the hope of bringing some inspiration (or humour, there’s been a lot of mistakes!) to your day, but more importantly to help you progress towards your own ‘Why’. Don’t be shy, we would love to hear from you!

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