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10 Money Habits Sending You Broke

By |Budget 101, Mindset, Property Mentoring|

Recognising a problem is the first step toward fixing it, so here are 10 money habits that could derail your success. Habit 1: You spend too much on housing. Housing costs normally constitute the largest component [...]

Signs A Suburb Is On The Move

By |Market Cycles, Property Mentoring|

In order to grow your property portfolio quickly, you want to get into the markets that are about to surge in value, to ride the upswing and the resulting growth. Understanding the factors that trigger [...]

Manifest In 24 Hours

By |Mindset|

It can sometimes feel like it will take months or years to manifest things you want using the law of attraction. However, experts say that if you carefully work your way through five distinct steps, [...]

Quick Ways To Improve Street Appeal

By |Property Mentoring|

It’s not always what’s on the inside that counts. So here are a few tips for instantly boosting your property’s value on the outside and improve street appeal. Wash You’d be amazed at the amount [...]

Getting Through Life’s Rough Patches

By |Mindset|

Everyone has moments of weakness. Everyone has obstacles and times in their life when they fall. What I want to discuss today is how to pick yourself up again when we are faced with these [...]

The Future Of Property Prices

By |Property Mentoring|

Every time a capital city property market goes through another boom cycle, and even run down Sydney homes now go for millions at auction, many renters die a little inside, thinking their home ownership goals [...]

Where’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

By |Property Mentoring|

Emotional intelligence is the ability to accurately identify your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, then utilise these emotions and apply them to tasks and problem-solving in all areas of life. No [...]

Investing As A Couple

By |Property Mentoring|

If you and your partner are considering investing in property as a couple, there are several things to discuss before you actually purchase. Just like your relationship, property investment requires commitment and compromise to make [...]

Dealing With Toxic People

By |Mindset, Property Mentoring|

Toxic people have always been a drag; you know the ones that just drain your energy and never have anything good to say. Research shows they can actually physically harm your brain. So here are [...]

Investment Property Scams

By |Property Mentoring|

Property investment scams are everywhere. Even though this issue has been highlighted by the media and even ASIC & the ACCC, it is not always easy for ordinary investors to distinguish between what is a [...]