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Being Your Own Inspiration

By |Property Mentoring|

I have mentors, but I am often asked who my inspiration is. It may not make sense to everyone, but I am actually inspired by myself, or more specifically, person I am striving to be. [...]

Young Investor Mistakes

By |Property Mentoring|

I’ve had many young investors come to me with questions or concerns when it comes to investing, but often they have already bought and it’s too late! So I wanted to run through a few [...]

5 Billionaire Principles

By |Property Mentoring|

Many of my mentors are billionaires, so I’ve studied them extensively, and here’s what I’ve discovered; billionaires are billionaires because they all follow a set of unique principles that help them persevere where others find [...]

Financing A Large Property Portfolio

By |Property Mentoring|

If it weren’t for the issue of getting finance, I would own double the properties I have today. So this raises the question; how do you finance a large property portfolio? Obtaining finance has been, [...]

My Alpha Women

By |Mindset|

In light of the year I’ve had and the year I intend to have, I want to give a shout out to my alpha women! Us alpha women aren’t like most other girls. We’re the [...]

When Interest Only Is A Good Idea

By |Property Mentoring|

The combination of negative gearing and capital gains tax means interest-only loans can make sound financial sense. They can also create the opportunity to actually pay your loan off faster, but that is a whole [...]

Smart Spending & Saving Tips

By |Mindset, Wealth Creation|

I often get approached by people wanting to know the best ways to save their money. People seem to over complicate things so here are some really easy tips on saving money so you can [...]

What Happens If Interest Rates Rise?

By |Property Mentoring|

The possibility of an interest rates rise is something that should be factored into any investment. Rates will rise, rates will fall, and it’s important to make sure you’re not adding unnecessary risk to your property [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Super-Achiever

By |Mindset|

Everyone knows someone who works full time, volunteers, runs a successful blog, and somehow still finds time to go grocery shopping, cook organic Instagram-worthy meals, foster a loving relationship, walk their pug and train for a [...]

Five Depreciation Facts

By |Property Mentoring|

As a building gets older, items wear out; they depreciate. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows investors to claim this depreciation as a deduction; however a large number of property investor’s complete additions or alterations [...]