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10 Money Habits Sending You Broke

By |Budget 101, Mindset, Property Mentoring|

Recognising a problem is the first step toward fixing it, so here are 10 money habits that could derail your success. Habit 1: You spend too much on housing. Housing costs normally constitute the largest component [...]

Manifest In 24 Hours

By |Mindset|

It can sometimes feel like it will take months or years to manifest things you want using the law of attraction. However, experts say that if you carefully work your way through five distinct steps, [...]

Getting Through Life’s Rough Patches

By |Mindset|

Everyone has moments of weakness. Everyone has obstacles and times in their life when they fall. What I want to discuss today is how to pick yourself up again when we are faced with these [...]

Dealing With Toxic People

By |Mindset, Property Mentoring|

Toxic people have always been a drag; you know the ones that just drain your energy and never have anything good to say. Research shows they can actually physically harm your brain. So here are [...]

My Alpha Women

By |Mindset|

In light of the year I’ve had and the year I intend to have, I want to give a shout out to my alpha women! Us alpha women aren’t like most other girls. We’re the [...]

Smart Spending & Saving Tips

By |Mindset, Wealth Creation|

I often get approached by people wanting to know the best ways to save their money. People seem to over complicate things so here are some really easy tips on saving money so you can [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Super-Achiever

By |Mindset|

Everyone knows someone who works full time, volunteers, runs a successful blog, and somehow still finds time to go grocery shopping, cook organic Instagram-worthy meals, foster a loving relationship, walk their pug and train for a [...]

Your Personal Definition Of Success

By |Mindset|

I judge my success based on how many people I’m able to help grow both personally and financially, whatever that means to them. The biggest mark I can leave is not the amount of wealth [...]

The Domino Effect Of Change

By |Mindset|

Don’t get stuck in the same old average routine. Here’s how to start the domino effect of change. Step 1: When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs. Change begins with the mind. What [...]

Emotional Icebergs: Melting Personal Barriers To Success

By |Mindset|

From the moment we can think, we begin building beliefs about ourselves, our world and our place in the world. Research suggests that by the time we’re around 8 to 12 years old, these beliefs [...]