In light of the year I’ve had and the year I intend to have, I want to give a shout out to my alpha women!

Us alpha women aren’t like most other girls. We’re the women most people find intimidating, until they learn it’s just our ambition, drive, our confidence, and that we simply aren’t afraid to tell you how it is.

Alpha women place a high value on their independence. You’ve spent a lot of your time being determined and motivated to chase after what you want in life, so no man dare try to stop you.

Knowing our self-worth means if you fail to give us the respect we know we deserve, we’re not going to keep you around. Alpha women need partners who respect them, and trust in their decision-making.

Alpha women like being challenged, so if you can’t compete with the alpha woman on some level, whether it be in the bedroom or some other aspect of life, she will likely get bored with you. We crave excitement in our lives and relationships, so not only do we want a partner who can keep up with us; we want one who’ll test our limits every now and then.

So here’s to my alpha woman, keep your head high, keep kicking ass, and keep being you!