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We are on a mission to inspire YOU to achieve that light bulb moment and educate you throughout your entire property investing journey, and show you how to live a life on your terms!

With over $30,000 worth of Content & Mentoring each year, you can watch trainings, request topics & even ask Gennavieve your own specific questions!

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Results Based Weekly Coaching

Giving you a step-by-step approach to:

Rewrite Your Financial Way Of Thinking

Remove your restrictive thoughts & accept that a life of abundance is possible.

Grow Your Property Portfolio

As wisely & as often as possible, an education at your fingertips.

Regain Control Of Your Life & Results

Combine these two areas to dramatically improve your way of life.

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  • A whole new positive way of looking at the world & attracting opportunity & success into your life
  • Interactive content, presented in easy to understand trainings designed for maximum retention & results
“A huge thank you to Gennavieve from Lyons Property Mentoring for helping me make my dream of owning an investment property come true. Gennavieve has a professional and modern approach towards her work, which helped me a lot as I was working in a remote area of Australia.

I was always kept up to date with the progress of my application and given expert advice about how to best jump into the property market. To anyone looking at purchasing their first, second or even third house and who isn’t sure how to best approach it I recommend contacting Gennavieve from Lyons Property Mentoring.”

Luke, Ipswich, Australia
“I have personally worked alongside Gennavieve as one of her Property Investment Managers. Gennavieve is a professional, incredibly knowledgeable business woman; her drive and passion make her one of the most impressive women I have met.

While working together I always found her to have clients (including myself and her tenants) best interests at heart, she always ensured her investment property was at a standard she would live in herself to not only maximise her return but to also make sure her tenants are always happy and comfortable. I have no hesitation in recommending Lyons Property Mentoring to anyone looking for some guidance and advice when it comes to property investment.”

Laura, Geelong, Australia
“To anyone who is ready to get started on their journey towards building their Property Portfolio, I thoroughly recommend you give your business to ‘Lyons Property Mentoring’.

I’ve had dealings with other companies in the past, but from day one Gennavieve has shown me her kindness, loyalty, trust and respect and most of all she’s been more than willing to help! Make ‘Lyons Property Mentoring’ your first point of call, you’ll be more than happy you did!”

Dion, Perth, Australia
“As a fellow investor, I can confidently say Gennavieve is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and honest property investors I know. Many people talk of stepping out and taking action to create a financially free future for themselves; but few actually do.

Even fewer investors acquire an extensive portfolio at such a young age! Gennavieve’s personal success in the property game speaks for itself. In the time I have known Gennavieve, she’s always been there to offer support and advice. She is a real person with humanity, not a faceless legal entity. I can only give my highest recommendation to anyone considering Miss Lyons’ professional assistance. She has great knowledge and experience of the Australian investment property industry.”

Jesse, Gladstone, Australia
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Examples of Topics Covered

  • Investment Purchase Criteria
  • Budgeting
  • Positive & Negative Gearing
  • Building Your Expert Team
  • Mindset Training
  • Pay Loans Off Faster
  • Subdivision Strategies
  • Due Dillegence
  • Tax Obligatoins & Deductions
  • Negotiating
  • Renovating Strategies
  • Buying & Selling Processes
  • Property Management
  • and much much more

Suitable For Investors At Any Level

We are on a mission to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to achieve that light bulb moment and hold your hand for your entire investing journey, as there is always something new to learn to improve your current situation.

There is a massive lack of unbiased, well-rounded education available to the everyday Australian, which as a result gives people the impression that investing is difficult or out of reach.

We’re proud to say that we have changed that with The Training Ring.

We become partners on your personal journey to achieving your financial and lifestyle goals, with everything you need to know presented in easy to understand, weekly online trainings for you to access at your own convenience; giving you the complete education needed to start living life on your terms!

Where else do you get such content rich information presented in this manner? No seminar or DVD is going to give you this level of personalised service & interaction, so why pay thousands for a product that will become outdated.

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